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Full taste and top quality find a perfect balance in this thin and delicate pasta, which impresses every time with delicious results.
Full taste and top quality find a perfect balance in this thin and delicate pasta, which impresses every time with delicious results.
Astraki (Stelline)
This small, star-shaped pasta offers to your recipes unique appearance and taste, creating... shiny dishes and superstar flavors!
"Its shape is ideal for hosting the most original flavor combinations and for instant, small but explosively delightful bites!"
Their wide dough is splendidly wrapped around your every culinary inspiration and generously creates for you delightful, tasty combinations!
Corali (Elbows)
As precious as corals deep in the ocean, this curvy pasta with a hole in the middle will become a valuable ally in your everyday cooking and on special occasions!
Couscousaki (Couscous)
Small, perfectly round balls of durum wheat that delightfully roll inside your mouth, leaving a full and juicy taste!
This short pasta forms small chains which carry, masterfully and with great precision, the taste of the sauce all the way to our palate!
Like the shells, which preserve all your summer memories, this particularly elegant, short pasta keeps well hidden inside all the “secrets” of your culinary expertise.
Risoni (Orzo)
Shaped like a grain of wheat, this is a beloved traditional pasta which brings to mind memories, flavors and aromas from our childhood!
This long and thin pasta is slightly wider, challenging you to test your culinary expertise by exploring particularly original and enjoyable recipes.
The wide surface of the matsata offers the sturdy “grip” that your well-prepared sauce needs so as not to lose the tiniest essence of its taste, creating bites full of pleasure and delight!
A magic... pen, which, thanks to its cylindrical shape and oval hole, is ideal for preserving inside all your culinary inspirations.
Penne Rigate
Its well-carved outer stripes masterfully capture all kinds of sauce, creating dreamy taste combinations.
Peponaki (Flat Risoni)
Small, delicate and flat, this pasta slides gently into the mouth, which is why it is perfect for soups and baby foods.
Plexoudes (Casarecce)
It does justice to its name and loves to “embrace” delicious sauces, offering unsurpassed results, in terms of both taste and quality!
Its splendidly aligned stripes have the magical ability to “attract” all kinds of sauce or cheese, and the final taste creates waves of excitement!
Risaki (Risoni small)
Just a little smaller than risoni, it adapts easily to any occasion. You wouldn’t believe to which recipes it could be used for special flavor!
Rigatoni Small
Its cylindrical shape with its attractive ridges, invites you to capture any of your culinary inspirations inside it, creating unique flavor combinations.
Sousamaki (Sessame)
“Open sesame!” This delicate but miraculous pasta gives your dishes a unique, discreet taste. Whether you are a child or a grown-up, your jaw will drop... in awe!
Long, thin, elegant and versatile, spaghetti is gracefully wrapped around your fork and can easily be the main element of your everyday meals as well as special occasions.
Full taste and top quality find a perfect balance in this thin and delicate pasta, which impresses every time with delicious results.
The wide-shaped tagliatelle will add extra points to the appearance of your dish and to your enjoyment!
If their playful look does not win you over, with their cute curves and the little hole in the middle, you will definitely fall in love with their special taste once it explodes onto your palate!
Twirls (Fusilli)
The spirals of this “playful” pasta inspire you to create from the simplest to the most special recipes.
Macaroni (Bucatini)
It masterfully preserves the whole flavor inside, perfecting traditional and modern recipes in a unique way.
These “nests” of long strings get deliciously mushed in soups, offering you a complete taste experience in both traditional and modern recipes.
Bows (Farfalle)
This pasta, which, as its Italian name suggests, may remind you of a butterfly or a bow tie, inevitably takes you back to your childhood and childhood tastes, impressing even in the simplest recipes.
Long, thin and flat-surfaced, chilopites are the best companion for rooster cooked in tomato sauce and undoubtedly does justice to its reputation as the most popular traditional Greek pasta.
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