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MISKO pasta is made from pure και natural ingredients:



semolina is produced by grinding durum wheat seeds in the mills

The pasta production process is as follows:

First, the semolina is mixed with the water… in large containers, basically kneading machines, to create a homogenous dough.

Then, the dough… is pressed through suitable molds which give the pasta the desired shape (spaghetti, risoni, tubetti etc.).

The pasta is then placed in closed chambers… into which hot air is channeled, and then dried in a controlled manner. Drying helps to give the pasta its final quality characteristics, which make it last for a long time outside the fridge while maintaining their quality and nutritional value.

Then, the pasta is cooled… down to reach room temperature and be ready for packaging.

Finally, it is placed in packaging… and then in boxes and on pallets, and made available to consumers.

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