MISKO presents the New “Golden Line”, the Top Greek Pasta from Single-Variety Wheat

MISKO, the beloved Greek pasta brand presents the new “Golden Line” pasta. With its extraordinary taste, its golden-yellow color and a higher percentage of protein, it is the ideal choice for both classic and demanding recipes.

The MISKO “Golden Line” stands out because it is made only from the top-quality Svevo variety wheat and is the only Greek pasta made from single-variety wheat. The wheat grows under the Greek sun, with care and love from selected growers, always under the supervision and with the know-how of MISKO. The special production process implemented at the mill and at the plant does not allow for Svevo wheat to be mixed with other grains, thus ensuring the pasta’s excellent quality. All the above contribute to the creation of a Top Greek Pasta that perfectly meets the demands of every taste and pleasure aficionado. The MISKO “Golden Line” is available to consumers in 6 shapes:

  • Macaroni Pastitsio
  • Matsata
  • Spaghettini No10
  • Spaghetti Makarounia
  • Plexoudes (Casarecce)s
  • Risoni (Orzo)

The “Golden Line” is available in modern, premium packaging where the dominant Black and Gold colors highlight the top quality and uniqueness of the product. For recipes and more information, the friends of the Golden Line may navigate the updated site https://www.misko.gr/en/xrisiseira/