With MISKO, cooking becomes pleasure! New Advertising Campaign by MISKO

“Since it was founded in 1927, MISKO, the beloved pasta brand, has held the most special place in the hearts of consumers. This is due to the relationship of trust that it has developed with pasta enthusiasts in the last 88 years, featuring prominently in every Greek household.
MISKO, consistent with its commitment to innovation and the provision of high-quality products of high nutritional value, is in line with the ever-changing social trends, always showing respect to consumers.

In this context, MISKO is evolving, continuing to address its friends on an individual, intimate level. The No1 pasta brand urges consumers to have fun and enjoy each and every day, and encourages them to try new things and experiment.

“MISKO enters a new era and urges its friends to be themselves. To feel confident and to be creative… Because when cooking with MISKO, you are always sure about the delicious result and the quality of the dish that you will serve to your loved ones,” noted Marketing Director, Mr. Thanos Athanasopoulos. In the same direction, MISKO presents its new advertising campaign. It features an irritable chef obsessed with cooking rules watching a woman who prepares her family’s meal and getting angry when she chooses to make kritharoto with apaki pork instead of a more classical, traditional recipe such as risoni with veal. In fact, he seems exasperated, wondering loudly “Is this cooking?” when the woman who cooks turns particularly inventive, enhancing the recipe with some of her favorite ingredients, such as orange zest and Graviera cheese, to make a delicious dish. MISKO responds that this is the pleasure of cooking, since the constant in every delicious recipe is quality pasta. From preparation and serving to meal time, as the purpose of the company is to help all pasta enthusiasts create memorable memories and unlock moments of happiness for them and their loved ones. With MISKO, cooking becomes pleasure!”