“MISKO Whole Wheat Whole Wheat Pasta: more revolutionary than ever!”

With an impressively subversive TV spot, MISKO presented the renewed MISKO Whole Wheat Line, challenging us to try it. The spot is inspired by the thoughts we all have when it comes to whole wheat products, but shows how the protagonists’ opinion changes after only one bite.

That’s what it takes for someone to love the new MISKO Whole Wheat pasta, with excellent culinary performance and rich in nutrients. The commercial shows a family at the family table, when the mother announces that she has prepared whole wheat spaghetti. When she makes this announcement, we hear the thoughts of each member of the family and see how their opinion changes once they take the first bite of MISKO Whole Wheat pasta.

Its light color and excellent taste are the two features that make MISKO Whole Wheat pasta stand out among all the other products in this category, making it the most delicious choice for everyone. Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Zz3Zdq_hP4