MISKO Traditional: Product of the Year

MISKO Traditional, the new MISKO line of pasta made from selected varieties of durum wheat, was voted Product of the Year 2012 in the “Food” category and has already won over the hearts of consumers in Greece. This is a very important distinction for MISKO, as the “Product of the Year 2012” survey is held every year in Greece by TNS/ICAP and rewards the most innovative and beloved products in the market based on the consumers’ opinion.

This year’s survey was conducted with the participation of 3,018 consumers who selected MISKO Traditional as Product of the Year because it meets their needs and offers very good value for money, but also because they feel strong ties to the brand. More specifically, over 90% of consumers who tried the new MISKO line were very pleased with the product. At the ceremony held on Wednesday, 1 February, MISKO representatives received the award, noting that this distinction is the result of MISKO’s longstanding commitment to creating quality products that meet the real needs of the modern family. MISKO Traditional brings tradition… to your table!