MISKO remains a dominant force in 2013!

For another year, MISKO has been the leader in domestic pasta production, since its annual market share amounts to 30%, steadily exceeding that of the second pasta brand by at least 10 points. MISKO, Greece’s most beloved pasta brand, has been present in the Greek food market for 86 years, and has received more than 60 awards and distinctions throughout its history. Its leading place is due to the high quality of its products, its strong relationship of trust with consumers, its long-lasting consistency and its unquestionable contribution to the Greek economy.

MISKO welcomes 2014 with two new distinctions. It is awarded 1st place at the FAMOUS BRANDS Awards for the 7th consecutive year and an honorary mention in the “BRANDED GREEK PRODUCT” category at the MADE IN GREECE 2013 Awards. These are more distinctions for MISKO which enhance a huge collection of prizes and honors that accompany MISKO’s historical course in Greece and wherever Greece is present. With 4 Corporate SUPERBRANDS awards, MISKO ranks first in its sector and among the top brands in the Greek market. At the same time, thanks to its strong performance in brand awareness, reputation and reliability, MISKO enjoys the 2nd strongest reputation and reliability in the general food category and the 9th strongest reputation across all sectors in Greece, according to the Global Reputation Pulse estimates of the Reputation Institute.

MISKO remains committed to its philosophy, with respect to tradition and faith in the institution of the family, insisting on Greek qualities and completely focused on meeting the needs of consumers. Enjoying 100% recognition and with 9 out of 10 households choosing MISKO for their family table, MISKO has remained at the top in the minds and hearts of all Greeks for 86 years.