MISKO in the “Historical Ads” Commemorative Stamp Series issued by the Hellenic Post.

MISKO, the most beloved Greek pasta brand that has brought up generations of Greeks, collaborates with the Hellenic Post on the “Historical Ads” Commemorative Stamp Series, reviving the famous Akakios advertisement. The image of the monk Akakios riding a donkey, one of the most recognizable in the history of Greek advertising, accompanied by the slogan “Akakios, remember! Only MISKO spaghetti!”, is inextricably linked with MISKO, an iconic image still featured on the packaging of MISKO products.

MISKO’s historical advertisement could not be missing from the “Historical Ads” Commemorative Stamp Series, as this is a milestone in the heart and the mind of consumers, and the company is honored that the Hellenic Post chose this advertisement. Pasta loving philatelists may look for the collectible stamps, as well as luxury notebooks with historical information about MISKO and MISKO recipes, at the post office.