MISKO Hellenic Wheat Program: with strength from Greek soil

Παρουσίαση Προγράμματος Ελληνικου Σιτου MISKO

“With a history of 90 years of creation, love for Greek land, quality and confidence in Greece’s agriculture, MISKO presented the MISKO Hellenic Wheat Program, a program aiming to strengthen the sustainable production of high-quality durum wheat in Greece for the benefit of society, producers and the pasta industry. The MISKO Hellenic Wheat Program is an action by MISKO towards its own production base, namely Greek farmers, since they produce durum wheat, the raw material for MISKO’s high-quality pasta. MISKO finances actions for research on and development of innovative techniques for cultivation, transfer of know-how to Greek farmers, training of farmers in new farming practices and implementation of new technologies in agriculture.

The main objective of the program is to promote sustainable agricultural production, production that ensures the sustainability of farms and the development of rural economy in Greece. It also guarantees increased production and high quality, while protecting the environment, adapting to climate change and helping to prevent it. This program can create added value for the producer, the environment and society.

MISKO’s consistent relationship with agricultural production and the long-term pursuit of innovation make MISKO a pioneer, as well as the most competent player, in the field of research, information and education on Greek wheat and the Mediterranean diet. The MISKO Hellenic Wheat Program aims at effective collaboration with higher education institutions and research centers by funding student research through either research programs or undergraduate and postgraduate theses. Also, in cooperation with rural communities, MISKO takes its effort one step further, by training Greek Producers in the new cultivation methods and the sustainable agriculture systems.

Drawing strength from its love for Greek land and its dedication to the quality of durum wheat, the raw material of pasta, MISKO contributes to the MISKO Hellenic Wheat Program in practice, namely in agricultural development, promoting more efficient cultivation systems for the production of high-quality wheat, increasing productivity and protecting the environment, thus contributing to a better future for Greek land.

OUR VISION: Our continued contribution to agricultural development and the creation of added value through cooperation with Greek producers, educational institutions and young scientists in the agricultural field miskoprogrammasitou.gr

Scientific Team Dr. Theofanis Gemtos,
Scientific Coordinator of the MISKO Hellenic Wheat Program_ 6947430173 Dr. Christos Kavalaris,
Organizer of the MISKO Hellenic Wheat Program_ 6947691520 Mill | Volos – Industrial Area A| 38500 | 24210-95781 Please find below details about the photo accompanying the Press Release for the event: – Dr. Theofanis Gemtos (Scientific Coordinator of the MISKO Hellenic Wheat Program) “