MISKO “fills” us with JOY EVERY DAY!

MISKO , the most favorite pasta brand in Greece for the past 92 years, presents its new promotional film “ EVERYTHING DAY JOY, an ode to MISKO pasta that is always present for whatever reason and at any time we need it!


Because MISKO Pasta is always here to offer us daily moments of pleasure, filling us with joy thanks to its exquisite taste and unique, timeless quality.

Starring students, small and large families as well as young people in love who enjoy MISKO pasta in their own moments of joy. Moments like the first time he cooks for her at home, moments like when he watches his favorite series and wants to nibble something, moments like when the family gathers around the table for the Sunday dinner and the kids smile widely enjoying their favorite pasta. Moments that remind us of our daily routine, moments that each of us has experienced and can understand, since MISKO pasta has been, is and will be here to fill our dish with joy.

Soho Square Athens has edited and created this promotional campaign which has been directed by Vasilis Bourantas and produced by Foss Production. The wonderful up tempo song that fills us WITH JOY EVERY DAY has been created exclusively for MISKO‘ s new film, is called Daydreaming, has been composed and produced by Rabbeats, while the lyrics and vocals have been written by Dimitris Aronis.

Enjoy the new film of MISKO and fill….



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