MISKO celebrated its 90th birthday with thousands of friends in a special way


“MISKO celebrated its 90th birthday in a very entertaining way, with all those who support it and have made it their No1 choice.

MISKO’s Surprise Anniversary Store at the Athens Metro Mall in Agios Dimitrios, welcomed pasta enthusiasts and other visitors, and for about a month the mall was filled with special flavors and scents.

Food professionals, food bloggers, chefs and nutritionists visited MISKO’s special anniversary store and revealed their little secrets about how to cook pasta and about its nutritional value, as well as their favorite recipes.

Chef Giorgos Tsoulis and food bloggers Tasos Antoniou (Ma2 Peinao), Eleni Vonisakou (The Foodie Corner), Eva Monohari (Funky Cook) and Madame Ginger wore their aprons, went into MISKO’s kitchen and cooked unique dishes using their favorite pasta.

In the context of its corporate social responsibility, MISKO supported the non-profit organization ANASA and those fighting eating disorders, by actively supporting the organization’s action. Also, everyone was able to contribute to this collaboration at MISKO’s Anniversary Store, by purchasing MISKO collectibles sold at the Anniversary Store.

This action by MISKO received the most positive comments not only from visitors to the shopping center, but also from printed and digital media and the biggest Greek TV channels, which promptly encouraged their viewers to visit MISKO’s Anniversary Store and participate in the celebration.

For 90 years, MISKO has been there in every recipe that we love and enjoy.

Please find below details about the photo that accompanies the Press Release:
Michalis Manthos (Marketing Manager MISKO & Bakery), Giorgos Tsoulis (Chef), Lambrini Pantou (Marketing Professional)

MISKO Anniversary Store at the Athens Metro Mall

Photographer: George Louvaris”