MISKO brings tradition… to your table!

MISKO brings tradition… to your table, with the new MISKO Traditional pasta line. MISKO’s new line includes shapes inspired by local tradition. MISKO Traditional pasta is made from selected grains of the Greek land, so that you can enjoy the quality of tradition. MISKO Traditional features on the package, tasty, homemade, traditional recipes adapted to the new dietary and time requirements imposed on us by the modern way of life.

The new line MISKO Traditional includes 14 shapes: – Risoni (Orzo), inspired by the beautiful region of Thraki – Iliahtides (Sunbeams), a creation born from the Macedonian sun – Makarounia, a home flavor inspired by Chalki – Matsata, an island specialty with an aroma reminiscent of the wild beauty of Folegandros – Pastitsada, a taste carrying memories of Corfu – Folies (Nests), a traditional recipe from the mountains of Roumeli – Chilopites and Chilopitaki, which bring to our kitchen mountain pictures from Metsovo – Kambanoules (Bells), inspired by the plain of Thessaly – Plexoudes (Casarecce), “braided” with the legend and history of Mount Olympus, Meteora and Pelion – Saligaria (Snails), a flavor from the fertile Peloponnese – Leiria, a modern taste inspired by the taste heritage of Epirus – Pasta filled with Graviera Cheese from Crete, modern pasta flavored with pure products of the Greek island of Crete – Pasta filled with Feta Cheese from Thessaly, bringing the tradition of Thessaly to our everyday life MISKO, the most beloved pasta brand in Greece, continues to support traditional Greek cuisine.

The new MISKO Traditional pasta line was created for all those who love traditional and fine tastes and seek a variety of shapes and gastronomic combinations, and has come to offer outstanding quality in tradition and the best delicious pasta on your plate. MISKO Traditional. Quality in Tradition.