“Greek Cuisine Celebration with cooking shows and lots of great gifts”

MISKO, the most beloved Greek pasta brand, welcomes us at the “Greek Cuisine Festival” and invites all of us to participate in a series of MISKO pasta cooking demonstrations that will take place in selected supermarkets and win great prizes.

The first cooking demonstration was a huge success and took place on Saturday, 1 October 2011 in a large supermarket in Athens. MISKO’s chef cooked delicious recipes with MISKO pasta, and consumers that participated in the cooking demonstration, won amazing prizes. MISKO celebrates Greek cuisine and at the same time invites us to take part in the new big contest which will last until 31.01.2012 and to claim many prizes, including a 4-day trip to the beautiful Zagorohoria, pasta products for one whole year, and cheese or vegetable choppers to create delicious recipes with MISKO pasta for our loved ones. For the needs of the contest, MISKO pasta has created the special website https://www.giorti.misko.gr. We can participate in the contest by visiting the site and entering the code indicated in the special form inside the MISKO multipacks. Alternatively, we can send the code via SMS and find out immediately whether we have won.

MISKO pasta is now synonymous with our daily routine, as it is present daily at the family table. Sometimes it is the traditional “Fuchsia” line, beloved by everyone, sometimes it is the MISKO Whole Wheat line, and sometimes it is “MISKO Traditional” that holds the key to pleasure and leads us into a world of dreamy taste, always with love for the whole family. MISKO. Always on our side, always with love.