Gold award for MISKO at the Long-Standing Brands, Everyone’s Favorites event

The Gold Award was won by the historical pasta brand MISKO, at the Long-Standing Brands, Everyone’s Favorites event, for nearly 90 years of presence in the Greek market. MISKO received the award on Friday, 15 April, in the context of the three-day symposium honoring Long-Standing Brands with 100-70-50-30 years of presence, which lasted until Sunday, 17 April 2016 and was organized by financial magazine “The Business Review” and the non-profit “ESTIA MANAGERS GROUP”, with the support of the Trade and Industry Chamber (EBEA), the Federation of Hellenic Food Industries (SEVT), and the Hellenic Retail Business Association (HRBA). “For nearly a century, MISKO has been the star of the family table”.

When thinking about pasta, our mind goes straight to MISKO. Even at the sound of this name… sweet memories, smells and flavors immediately come to life! This is because MISKO has managed to capture the minds and hearts of all Greeks. Nearly 90 years after it was founded, MISKO remains synonymous with tradition and nutritious pleasure, which pass from generation to generation, combining innovation and respect for consumers,” said Mr. Michalis Manthos, Marketing Manager of MISKO.

During the three-day event, visitors to the symposium had the opportunity to come even closer to their favorite pasta brand, remember its timeless nature through historical photos and posters, have fun watching successful commercials from MISKO’s past, but also receive as a gift a collector’s notebook with MISKO’s delicious, beloved recipes.