Gold award for MISKO at the Digital Media Awards 2015

MISKO, the most beloved pasta brand in Greece, won the Gold Award at the Digital Media Awards 2015, in the Best Tablet Edition category for its e-book “The Secrets of Greek Cuisine”. Launched by MISKO, this is the first e-book in the cooking category in Greece and it redefines in a revolutionary way the user-content relationship, as it is a new tool created by MISKO to function as an “ally” of pasta enthusiasts in the kitchen.

Through a friendly, easy-to-use platform, users can, with a single touch, draw inspiration from 60 delightful pasta recipes, classified into 11 categories and accompanied by many photos, and from a comprehensive list of ingredients, and can also watch videos of the most popular recipes and unique “secrets” with the signature of the famous chef Vangelis Driskas. “We know that there is a large group of people who love cooking and pasta and use Tablets and Smartphones, and we wanted not only to approach but to fascinate them!

This is how we created the e-book “The Secrets of Greek Cuisine”, the first e-book in Greece in the cooking category and a new channel of communication with the cooking community, with content specially designed for tablets. We welcome the Gold Award at the Digital Media Awards 2015. It is an acknowledgment and a confirmation of this innovative marketing action,” stated Mr. Michalis Manthos, Marketing Manager of MISKO.