And the joy of cooking… continues!

MISKO’s steamy chef makes a dynamic and… explosive comeback! As a follow-up to the popular advertising campaign, the irritable but lovable Chef presents the new MISKO digital campaign “Exploding Chef”. This time, the Chef targets food bloggers and their imaginative and creative recipes.

The campaign was launched on 26 May 2016, with a contest on MISKO’s Facebook page asking users to comment on their favorite blogger’s favorite recipe and claim as a prize one of the 5 pots offered. Following an unprecedented response from the public, four popular food bloggers “suffer” in the hands of the Chef, who takes on the challenge and visits them to teach them… how to cook pasta! The result was 4 hilarious videos where MISKO’s chef meets Tasos Antoniou (Mama Peinao), Eleni Vonisakou (Foodie Corner), Eva Olohari (Funky Cook) and Marilou Pantaki (Madame Ginger).

Watch the Chef go furious with the original pasta recipes of the food bloggers, on MISKO’s specially designed page (, find the ingredients and the instructions and turn cooking into pleasure with the most original and delicious recipes! With MISKO, cooking becomes pleasure!