The products you purchased may contain traces of soy, mustard and lupin.

The Barilla Group works daily to create excellent products in terms of quality and food safety. The safeguarding of people’s safety is an indispensable requirement of all products, and it is monitored throughout all stages of the production process: from the preparation and study of recipes up to the point of sale.


For this reason, we have decided to make information about the possible presence of allergens in products more accessible for all consumers, via a dedicated website.


The diffusion of sustainable farming methods, which include crop rotation and a more responsible use of pesticides and the international situation regarding trading of cereals, is leading to a greater presence of species, such as mustard, soy or lupin, in the field, in transport and in storage sites of durum wheat. For some, mustard, soy and lupin can cause an allergic reaction.


The quantities that can accidentally be found in the products are extremely small to the extent as to reasonably exclude the possibility of an allergic reaction in sensitive people or make this highly improbable.


However, we would like to inform you that the products you have purchased may contain traces of soy, mustard and lupin due to accidental contamination.


For more information on the Group’s sustainability practices and analyses to monitor the quality and safety of our products: 


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